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A short Biography of Paul Turvey

In case you don't know who I am, let me enlighten you! Of course you could look me up on Friends Reunited but this page is probably more up to date.

I was born in Dovercourt in 1965 and went to Mayflower County Primary when it was further up Main Road than now. During this time I worked weekends and holidays at the Caravan Camp and elsewhere in the town. I then went to Colchester Royal Grammar until 1984 and left with a few A levels and a collection of O levels.

After sixth form I went to Plymouth for 3 years to try and get a degree in, first, Communication Engineering and, then, Computing & Informatics. I didn't manage in either case and returned empty handed to Dovercourt in 1987. Of course, computers were very different in 1984 than they are now - anyone need a Cobol programmer ? I also got to play with Unix. Yeah.

I fell on my feet though and started to work for Immigration as a paper clip counter just after the Earl William was moored at the Train Ferry terminal as an immigration detention centre. On 16th October that year the 'great' storm hit and I slept through it. I took a load of photos that afternoon around the seafront (but can't find them right now).

That job finished in December 1987 but I had a job in Dover arranged for early 1988. Several years later I met my future wife and a few years later we had two children, a boy and a girl. In the meantime I gathered together a few skills that have proved useful over the years, both domestically and in work. I am now fully versed in local/wide area networks, servers and desktops (Windows & Linux).

I gained a few languages along the way too: French (pretty fluent) and Spanish (good). Add a smattering of German and a few other European tongues to that. I can order a beer and and a coffee in most places on the planet.

Of course, nothing lasts forever! Health complications meant I couldn't work for a long time and have had to finish my career after 21 years. My wife decided that our marriage was also over and dragged me into a fight in court. Not something I needed at the time.

So I'm back where it all started, Dovercourt. Right now I help out where I can with community projects,. For over two years that's included Tendring Citizens Advice Bureau and an adult community computer class . The most recent one is , now a registered charity (number 1133420). But I'm not the web designer!

I've finally had some good news, I became a single parent at the end of August 2010 after a short custody battle so my life is now shaped depending on the needs of my son & daughter. I can also go back to work when something right comes along (although my doctor has the final say, so he tells me).

Of course, there are always odd things happening. In March 2011 I was contacted by Learndirect about my activities after completing two courses. I told them about Click etc and next heard I was a Digital Champion . This led to a trip to the National Digital Conference in May. I have also taken myself to Colchester Institute and earned a PTTLLS qualification. Because of some of the voluntary work I have a current CRB certificate.

You'll find me on twitter as @thepaulturvey and on Facebook as well. I've more recently joined Posterous and some of my photos will be found there.