The Hangings

Part 2 - Vines Estate to Pattricks Lane

Immediately next to the Vines exit is the next anti-vehicle gate. Just beyond this point is has been mooted that an exit will be made into the new housing development.

Also here, the original route of the railway diverges from the Hangings path and takes virtually the same route to Dovercourt Station as at present.
Gate by Vines exit
The first hill
Beyond the gate, the first slope of The Hangings becomes a fully-fledged hill by the time you get up it! On the left hand side there is a steep drop that used to be a Victorian tip. Many bottles from that era were found here in the 1970s and 1980s.

It is from this point that views over Bathside Bay become visible. How many years is it since Bathside Bay was filled in - yet nothing has happened!

The exit into Shaftesbury Avenue is hidden to those trudging up the hill but easily visible to those coming the other way. The exit slope gives way to a steep rake of steps and is not easy for those with restricted mobility.
Shaftesbury Avenue exit
A120 bridge over the current railway line
Turning again to look behind you (if having walked up the hill) is the A120 bridge over the current railway track. The bridge carries the A120 that allowed freight and other traffic to reach Harwich quayside without travelling through Dovercourt.
Across the railway lies Patricks Junction, a pretty useless roundabout seeing as there are no roads connecting to the A120 here. I'm sure the Bathside Bay development will eventually find a use for it. Note the cranes of Felixstowe in the background, at least before someone knocks these ones down!
Patricks Junction Roundabout A120
Overground path to King Georges AvenueOverground path to King Georges Avenue
The next pair of railings lead to King George's Avenue. Unfortunately, as can be seen, the paths are overgrown and not easily passable. This may be explained by the notice recently posted here (and in The Standard on 27 June 2008) stating that the path itself would be moved within Gt Georges Avenue.
Looking towards the railway line you can spy this pillbox. A relic from WWII it was obviously placed here to protect the railway from attack. Nothing more is known for the present.
WW2 pillbox next to railway track
Bench next to The Hangings, broken glass on the ground
Back on the path, there is a bench for those who need a rest. Unfortunately, as can be seen in the photo (June 2008) the ground is covered in broken glass and the area littered with empty packaging.
A gentle slope takes you down to the only accessible exit to King George's Avenue (visible in the background). The last anti-vehicle gate should be adjacent to here but is currently damaged beyond repair, thus not providing a barrier at all.
Path to King Georges Avenue

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