The Hangings

Part 3 - Pattricks Lane to Dovercourt Station
The top of Pattricks Lane meets the top of the High Street. Previously on the site of the Co-Op store was the Regal Cinema (latterly a bingo hall).
Top of Pattricks Lane
Cycle signs and bin
At the bottom of Pattricks Lane, where the path divides, is a reminder of the cycle route that runs along The Hangings. Also here is the only bin to be found on this route between Parkeston Road and Dovercourt Station.
This construction site is on the land previously occupied by Capital Wines. Wimpy are in the process of constructing new homes here. The building visible in the background is the Co-Op Fiveways store. King Georges Avenue can be seen in the top-right corner.
Construction in Pattricks Lane
Railway bridge
Requiring a slight detour round to the left, this bridge under the railway is formerly the entrance to The Harwich and Dovercourt Sailing Club formerly had their clubhouse and boatyard the other side of this bridge.
Pattricks Lane is fully vehicle accessible and has several residential properties along its length. Continuing along the roadway you turn into Station Lane. Several new properties have been built here in recent years. The road climbs slightly, giving further views over the River Stour.
Station Lane
Approach to Dovercourt Station
The road now drops gently towards the small carpark attached to Dovercourt Station. The path and cycleway ends at this carpark.
Dovercourt Station dates from 1854 when the line first opened. The station was formerly known as Dovercourt Bay Station and it sits just off Dovercourt's High Street at the junction of Kingsway and Station Road.
Dovercourt Station from Kingsway
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