Harwich Primary School Strawberry Fair
7th July 2008

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The parade starts
Very well behaved
Strange vehicles
All push now
Lovely colours
The parade continues
Costumes  A+
Who's next?
Strange head!
The Big Head
Up in the air
Hope it's not windy!
Even teachers have fun
Like the hat!

I was walking around Harwich near Kings Head Street when I heard the drumming. The crowds gathered and the traffic was halted. The children were very well behaved and obviously well practiced. The parade lasted almost 15 minutes. Having only arrived back in Harwich a little while before this event I was not aware of it being an annual happening.

The parade consists of the pupils and staff of Harwich Community Primary School and Nursery. The school itself is in Barrack Lane. The registered website is www.harwich-pri.essex.sch.uk but this site refers to the old (now defunct and burnt) premises on Main Road.

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