A Walk Around Harwich

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St Nicholas Church
St Nicholas
Church Street
The Guildhall, Church Street
Church Street
Merchant Navy Memorial
Merchant Navy
The Quayside
The Quayside
From The Stour
Trinity House
Trinity House
George Street
George Street
George Street
Junction A120
Train Ferry berth
Train Ferry Berth

Gas House Creek
'Gas House' Creek

Harwich Town station
Harwich Station
From George St
High Lighthouse & Buoy
High Lighthouse
Main Rd / West St
West Street
West Street
Towards Quay
The Pier Hotel
Pier Hotel

Harwich is a sea port with a rich and varied history. The town of Harwich, covering just over one sqaure mile, has little free space and new jostles with old. The most prominent buildings in the town are either St Nicholas' Church in Church Street or the very modern Trinity House buildings by George Street.

Harwich has its fair share of famous names. The master of the pilgrims fathers' vessel, Mayflower, Christopher Jones was from Harwich. The diarist Samual Pepys was MP for Harwich.

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